How to make a game overlay appear and disappear using zones (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

This is my first time making a guide let me know if I did anything wrong

  1. Get a zone and get a game overlay set Visible on game start to NO then type what text you want (or button)

  2. Wire the zone and game overlay to make it so when a player enters that zone the overlay appears

  3. Clone that zone and put it somewhere near the first zone

  4. Wire the Second zone to the game overlay to make it so when the person leaves the zone it hides the overlay

  1. Put the second zone where the first one is

Then you’re good to go!

Also is there another guide on this? Let me know so I can take this down


Since you’re using zones, you should make the title “How to make a game overlay appear and disappear using zones.”

I think you left out the wire setting for the overlay.

This is just a minor nitpick but you should make the writing more consistent. Some of the letters at the beginning of the step are capitalized while others are not. Also, step four isn’t aligned with the others and there isn’t a space after the “4.” This is just my OCD leaking out so you don’t have to change it if you don’t want to.

By the way, the ideas tab is used for questions about game ideas.

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Thank you for noticing that! I didn’t even notice that mistake of mine

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Nice guide, @MrEgg! Maybe add pictures?

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I mean i would add picture but idk how to do that on a chrome book

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You can take a screenshot.

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Thanks! I will add pictures now

Does it look good now?

One more thing: you can use a wire repeater to reconnect the first zone to the game overlay a second time to deactivate it, saving an entire zone.

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I try to use a wire repeater but I didn’t know how use one so I stuck with my idea

It’s main purpose is to be able to do things like I just said. Just wire the zone to the wire repeater, and wire the wire repeater to the game overlay.

The way I did it is wire the two zones to the wire repeater then wire the wire repeater to the game overlay… Yea i see my mistake


Please don’t bump guides that are 1 day old. Bumping is for reviving old guides that have been long forgotten.


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