Button help Needed

I need many buttons to be pressed once, I used channels but once one button was pressed no more buttons could be pressed!

so what are you trying to do?

you used the same channel each button needs a different channel

so lets just say, I need to build a wall using buttons, but I want the button to be pressed once using channels.

that’s gonna take forever!!! I have 100+ buttons!

I think I have a guide on building walls in a game.

can you give linky?

But the problem is ONLY the buttons right?


Yes, I can.

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You can skip the editing part though.

my memory after all of this :chart_with_upwards_trend:

you need the separate channels

actually, the memory is pretty efficient for it for some reason

I’m gonna say for channels by the masses, it’s good to take your time with them, and an easy way: a1, a2, a3, a4, b1, etc. Just don’t use wires. Channels don’t use memory as far as I know, so they are better for large maps.


I said the answer first…

all this is just a little bit of memory. (the reason the memory bar is at 45% is because there is a lot of other complex device contraptions in the map.

yea, but they detailed it better

Sorry if I was mean