How To Make Buildable Walls For A Battle Royale [1/10 or 🟩]

This is an addon to @Txme_Lxss’ guide

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Step 1: Place Down A Button
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.06.04 PM
Step 2: Make the interaction message say “Build”
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.12.12 PM
Step 3: Make it not visible in game
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.12.12 PM(2)
Step 4: Make it broadcast on “Wall1”
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.28.37 PM
Step 5: Make the button activated on “Wall1Destroyed”
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.34.44 PM
You’re Done!


Step 1: Place down a prop (Preferably A Wooden Fence)
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.36.59 PM
Step 2: Make it not visible on game start
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.12.12 PM(2)
Step 3: Enable Prop Damage
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.49.55 PM
Step 4: Make it show when receiving on “Wall1”
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.51.51 PM
Step 5: Make it transmit on “Wall1Destroyed” when the prop is destroyed
Screenshot 2024-01-20 7.56.36 PM
Now You’re Done!

IMPORTANT: When you make more walls, make it broadcast on different channels like “Wall2” & “Wall2Destroyed”

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Not to be mean but there all ready a guide that explain this

Please read before commenting, like I literally said this!

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no not that guide and my bad I didn’t see that part

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It’s fine. But there’s another guide?

Well kind of it wasn’t the main idea but in the first ever complete guide to bed wars there a little bit of it

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You can’t make a prop respawn after being destroyed though…

How could we tho? Like before its destroyed hide it? Or make lots of copies? But thanks for the credit!


Also crafting tables are out now! Yippee!