Building Lives System for Game

So I finally got my teams setup and configured properly for my cops and gangsters bust out the boss game. Now how would I setup the game to recognize that the cops have 3 lives, the gangsters have 3 lives, and the boss has one life? I want there to be multiple ways to end the game;
1st way, rescue the boss.
2nd way, knockout all the cops.
3rd way, knockout all the gangsters.
4th way, time runs out and the County Transfer picks the boss up for the prison transfer.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

*I found a “lives system” in the Gimkit forum, but it was really confusing and I felt like it missed some explaining steps for the entire setup. So, please don’t reference that thread unless you can fill-in some of the holes of the directions. Thank you!

J. Burge

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can we get info on what system you used and where you shrugged? if you do we can figure you what you missed

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Are you trying to make it so when one person oofs the team loses a life or is it that it is just per person?

Here is the one I wound up using, but it gives everyone 3 lives. If you add a “boss” lives system using these settings the game ends when anyone is knocked out. Which would make sense because how would the computer know who’s on what team?
Lives System

I’ll have look for the other one that was confusing and missing pieces.

Cops Lives

Well you want a counter that starts at 3, has a target value of 0 and make it not activated on start. (Also make it player scoped) Then using a relay set to the team that the cops are on wire it to the counter: Relay Trigger > Activate counter Then wire a lifecycle (Game start) to the relay: Event Occurs > Relay Now wire the counter to a team switcher (Spectators): Target value reached > Switch team Then get a ko manager that isn’t activated on start and make it activate when the relay triggers. (Player scoped if you can, I forget) And wire the Ko manager to the counter: Player knocked out > Decrement timer

Gangsters Lives

Do the same thing as the cops except change the relay team to the team that the Gangsters are on.

Boss Lives

DO the same thing except using a relay with the bosses team and change the counter number to 1.

Hopefully this works IDk

(Edit: Endings)

Ending 1

Get a button or a triggering item that says rescue the boss or something, then wire that to an end game. Button pressed > end ame

Ending 2

Use this:How to end game when certain team knocked out [SIMPLIFIED] [Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦]

Ending 3

Same thing as ending 2 but make the team the one of the Gangsters. [/details]

Ending 4

Use an overlay timer, and wire it to an end game device : when the target value (0) reached > end game
Overlay timer guide: More Efficient Overlay Timer

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I’m look to make it so each player on each team (1&2) has 3 lives. The player on team 3 or “The Boss” only has one life. Since team 1 is trying to “save” the boss, I thought giving the boss only one life would make it more challenging. It would also encourage that person to play it safer for the game than everyone else, thus, adding a strategy mechanic to the game.

Make it so that you have a starting inventory gives you 3 of the same item. Then make a lifecycle so that on game start it starts a reapeater that make it so that it stops when it get a channel leave that blank and then connect to a checker saying whenever this item they have three of equals 0 it switches team to spectator. Would that work?

Thank you, I will try this either tonight after my kids go to bed or during class tomorrow.

Thank you!

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Just make sure you mark a solution when you find the answer.

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First off, thank you so much! This was INCREDIBLY helpful. Secondly, in your initial directions for the lives system in cops/robbers/boss you state “set counter to not active at game start”. That’s not an option? Any time I wire anything to it, it just says; “increment, decrement, reset.” Is there something I am missing?

I think everything else is spot on. I’ll try it tomorrow with my class.

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hmm, well if that isn’t an option then use a lifecycle (Game starts) and wire that to the counter : Event occurs > deactivate counter

Hopefully it works since I haven’t actually built it yet. But I mean it should according to the among us KO button method… But tell me if something doesn’t work…

Activate and Deactivate are not options for the counter block. The counter block only has the following options;

Unless I need to go into the code of the block and make an “activate/deactivate” coding?

Also, the lives system works, however, you can’t see how many lives you have at any given time. You would need to create a game overlay that’s text based that shows how many lives you have after being knocked out.

Hmm, then I guess if the lives system works then you don’t need to do that. And to show on an overlay (Player Scoped) make a property (PLayer scoped) and name it something, then make the counter update the property, in the property make it’s channel: When updated transmit on “Insert channel here” and then go to the overlay block code area and make the block codee start when receiving on the channel the the property transmits. Make the block code something like:

By the way that says lives left: .