Barrier for specific teams

Hi, I want to make a barrier for my capture the flag. Is there some way to make a barrier activate for one team and deactivate for a diff team? I tried How do you make a barrier deactivate or some teams and activate for 1? - #19 by joe but it doesn’t really help.

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Change its scope to team

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What do you mean? I only see relay audience. Btw I have to do something else so I’ll be off for a few hours after 11:11

Yeah, set the audience to team

you gotta use blocks I think

If I want Team 1 to be let out, I set the audience to Team 1?

Yes, I gtg

there are multiple guides based on this -_- search b4 u post plz for example this one i made quite a while back

or you can change the scope to team like caden said and whatnot

use a relay and a lifecycle connected, make sure the barrier is not active on start. (u can also use wires, but channels are good for saving memory @huyckkid14 let me know if it works or not (mark solution if its works)

Wait doesn’t a flag automatically have a barrier already?

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Use a Relay. But what team is it deactivated for?

Thats what i showed.

I’m pretty sure the flag automatically has a barrier already, and the defending team is the team that is blocked off.

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in the barrier setting change the activation scope to team or player