The Foxian version of a team based barrier!

credits: How to let one team through a barrier, and no other team
so today we are going to be doing a different version of the team based barrier so you are going to need
trigger 1
zones 2
barrier (varies depending on wanted amount)
so first you need trigger with no collission and not visible in game and put block code in like this

then place a barrier and set the channels like this
Screenshot 2023-10-31 10.59.12 AM
and then place a zone like this wire it to the trigger with player enters zone=trigger and make sure to make the zone bigger than the barrier and bam! you are done and happy halloween everybody!! (btw this is what the finished product should look like
Screenshot 2023-10-31 11.03.55 AM


Nice guide!

Hopefully this will reduce the amount of new users asking for help with stuff like this.

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Nice guide!


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I like it!
A Suggestion (No Offense):
You can also set the barrier’s scope to “team”, right?

It’s not optional, you have to for it to work.

GO try it out in your own world. Invite as many people as you need to test it out.

It has to be team-scoped or it won’t work.

If it’s global-scoped then the activation/deactivation status will be visible to everyone.

If it’s player-scoped, the activation/deactivation status will only change for the player who pressed it.

However, if it’s team-scoped, the activation/status will only change for players on the team of the triggering player.

Sorry for confusion, but that is what I said:

I like it!
A Suggestion (No Offense):
You can also set the barrier’s scope to “team”, right?

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Yeah, you said it was a suggestion but I don’t think it is, it’s not optional.
You have to set it to team scope it or it won’t work.
I think @Blackfox45666 forgot to mention that in her guide.

Sorry then for the confusion, @Haiasi

no it dosent need to be player scoped (i think) cuz so far the zones should activate a trigger that detects the player team number and close or open depending on the team number but good point if 2 players of opposite team try to enter at the same time it might let the other player thats supposed to not be able to enter in so player scoping it should fix that but this is just my version of a team based barrier so it might be a bit unreliable sometimes but thats just my version i guess