How do you make a barrier deactivate or some teams and activate for 1?

But how can I make what the specific team is?

You don’t need to. Whatever team deactivates is the only one that can’t see it.

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a relay

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How exactly? I tried it and it doesn’t work.

I just made I guide on it:

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The barrier was still deactivated when I tested it.

Were you on the team that it activates for?

Yeah, and It was deactivated.

Hm. Then I suggest you double check your work. When I built it, it worked.

Just to make sure, the barrier has to be inactive at game start right?

Yes, but did you set the relay to “all players on specific team?”

Yes, I made it to team 1, but it was still deactivated.

Do you have all of the wires correctly configured?

Yes, and when I tested it the only thing that didn’t work was that I could shoot through it.

Ah, yeah. That’s a weird thing that happens.

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Sorry if I’m late on replying, I’m watching a movie rn.

Does anyone know how to fix that?

I figured it out. You need to set a prop barrier to the same settings as the barrier, and make it’s alpha as low as you can. Then wire it to the relay: (Relay) Relay Trigger --> Show Prop (Prop Barrier) Also, don’t forget to put the prop underneath the barrier in layers. I just updated my guide take a look.

When I tried that, I could still shoot through the prop as well…

Must you sill have the device barrier?

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