Backward Bear's Rithekd Clacian Myszian Wavian Haiasian Name Checker System | Difficulty: 🟩

Alright, first off, I would like to give thanks to everyone who contributed to the help posts Name checking system - #70 by raeB and Name Chcker V2 Help. Everyone helped out a ton and it is thanks to their help that I am writing this guide.

Updates 📜


I will update this guide when I find new things that people might want here.

  • Update Name Checking System to include Name Checker V2
  • Credit everyone whose updates were added
  • Add detailed block explanations, usage, and what they do and where they are found (VALUEX)

Now let me get to the guide.

Did you know that using the player name block you can check for a player’s name?
Yep, you can. In fact, the block is pretty useful and can even be used to create a name checker!
Today I will show you how to make a player alert system and a name checker.

:warning: Warning: This system includes block code. However, there are no properties needed (Yay?)

Player alert system

This will alert you of any new players.

You will need

  • a trigger
    • “add activity feed for host” block (essentials)
    • “create text with” block (text)
    • “text” block (text)
    • “triggering player’s name” block (essentials)
  • a spawn pad

Place down a spawn pad and set it to these settings:

Then, put down a trigger preferably near the spawn pad. Click on the blocks button and select the only available block “when triggered”.

Click on that block and set the blocks as following:

Name Checking System

This system creates a whitelist (a list of accepted names) and will block any other name. In this section, you will create a softlock system that blocks all non whitelisted names with a SUPER ANNOYING alarm system.

You will need:

  • lifecycle
  • relay
  • popup
  • trigger
    • variable “Name_check” OPTIONAL
    • “If/else if/else” Block (logic)
    • 3 “Or” blocks (logic)
    • 2 “=” blocks (logic)
    • 6 “text” block (text)
    • 4 “triggering player’s name” block (essentials)
    • 1 “add activity feed for game host” block (essentials) OPTIONAL
    • 1 “Broadcast Message on channel” block (essentials)

Whew! That was a lot, wasn’t it?
Place down a lifecycle and connect it to a relay. Connect the relay to a trigger and set the trigger to not be able to be triggered like so:

Click on the blocks button and create a new block. Create a new channel, “Name_blocked” and set the blocks like so:

Alarm system

In this section you will create an ANNOYING alarm system.

Softlock system and alarm system

  • wire repeater
  • repeater
  • 2 triggers
  • vending machine

Set down a popup and set it to these settings:

Make sure that it opens when the channel is broadcast.

Now for the best part. The Alarm System!
Place down a vending machine and hide it in a non-accessible area.
Put down your two triggers and have them not able to be triggered and invisible. Make sure that they broadcast on Name_blocked and trigger on Name_blocked.

Wire one trigger to both the repeater and the wire repeater.

Wire the repeater and the wire repeater to the vending machine. Now you have a super annoying name blocking system with an added bonus annoying sound!

When you are done it should look like this:

Your player-blocking system should look like this for the banned player:

If you enjoy this guide, a :heart: would be much appreciated. Also if you have any suggestions on how to improve this system be sure to tell me. I’m all ears for improvement.


I will add more names to credit people who helped when I update my system.
Additional Credits: @I-am-helpful, @Shdwy, @Blackhole927, @Coral, @VALUEX

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There it is! Nice!

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bump + @raeB /raeB_Touch Grass Please

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Please don’t bump 3 hours after something is posted.
Also, really nice job! Maybe the host should have the option to unblock them in the game, like if they added a capital letter to their username, so they don’t get blocked.


The pictures have the end of the or chain first, maybe swap them by cutting, crtl x. But other than that nice job!


The guide is now updated. Thanks for telling me.

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This is to prevent sensitive names. For example Griefer would automatically be blocked thanks to the whitelisting system. Also someone please tell me how to make the annoying alarm more annoying.

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You could make them respawn upon closing the popup and then having the popup appear again right after.
Also, nice guide!


nice guide!

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Yeah, I got that. I meant like if mysz joined your game, going off your code, then if mysz joined as “Mysz” instead of “mysz”, then they would be blocked, so it may be a good idea for the host to
un-whitelist if something like that occured.


Ok yeah you have a point there. This system is good for most names though.

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I agree! and it’s a good idea to auto-block names like “Griefer”.
Though, if I were to grief, and I most definitely will NOT, then I wouldn’t come in with the name “Griefer”, way too obvious.


Yeah I know that. It is standard though. Most people wouldn’t have a swear word as their name, but it is good practice to block them.


I don’t know how to unwhitelist though. However that may be something I’ll work on, I’ll give you credit if I include it.

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That would be really annoying, I’ll keep that in mind and I’ll be sure to credit you if I add that in.

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Nice job! That’s a loooooong title.


The long title is to credit the people who helped in the help post that I made. Also my bad, I did not know that you were Wavian.

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@VALUEX how should I improve the guide? I will credit you if I include your suggestion.

Don’t think that you should put everyone’s name at the title. Maybe put a credits section at the start of the guide?

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I just wanted everyone to know that they got credited. Plus I think it would be unfair to everybody if I called it Backward Bear’s guide and gave no credit.