Anyone have ideas for mechanics that I should add to my blox fruits game?

Any ideas? for the mechanics?

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Quests? Sentries? Whatever Blox Fruit already has?

I already added those though

like some raid bosses
like for example
buy a micro chip then summon Law??
no wait

Fruit Dealer mech too
unless u alr have that

yea no but idk how to make the fruit dealer tho

i think u can kinda use the fish loot tables but instead w/ fruits
use these guides:

You could also use a pseudo inventory to hold any items / fruits
How to make a custom inventory (Pseudo Inventory) (Difficulty: :yellow_square:)

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fruits shop idk much cuz im on 1st sea but what blox fruit game on gimkit is it if its published?

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you can add bosses that spawn at random times like the saw

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leveling system also?

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