How to make a custom inventory (Pseudo Inventory) (Difficulty: 🟨)

How to make a custom inventory (Pseudo Inventory)

Difficulty: (Medium :yellow_square: )
Made By: Nasou44

Items Needed
  • Property Device (Used for each item)
  • Game Overlay
  • Pop-up Device

Step 1: Making The Items

First get your property device and name it whatever you want your item to be.
Next, set the property type to number, and the property scope to player.

Step 2: Making the Pseudo Inventory

First, set your game overlay up by making the settings as follows:

  • Overlay Type > Button
  • Overlay Position > Top Left
  • Overlay Text > Open Inventory
  • When Button Clicked, Transmit On > Open Inventory
  • Content Scope > Player
  • Visibility Scope > Player

Then comes the tricky part, using blocks to show the inventory with the popup device when you click on the game overlay, set up the popup device settings as follows:

  • Open popup when receiving on > Open Inventory
  • Content scope > Player
  • Call to action label > Close Inventory
  • Call to action channel > Close Inventory

Now, while still being in the Popup device, create a new block that recieves on channel open inventory

and finally, copy the block code as follows

(NOTE: for each item, you have to repeat the code in the set content area)


This can have many uses, like being able to have custom items in many genres of games, like battle royal, survival, or even dungeon crawler games.

Expand on this idea

You can expand on this idea by making a crafting system inside of the inventory by using the other call to action button into a different pop up. Like this:

Note about the guide

This is actually my first ever guide, so there will be some mistakes, if you need help, message me and ill try to help you as best as I can.


Nice guide! Good Job!


I came up with the idea a while ago, just had trouble with making a guide :\


Nice Guide!


You should add a difficulty poll. Then base your guides difficulty on the results of the poll.


Ok, ill do that right now


Nice Guide! Might use it.


I updated the guide, giving people ideas on how to make a crafting system inside of the inventory. (I may continue this guide later)


Nice guide!


Neat guide! I can use this for an RPG game I’m making.

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Should i expand on this guide?
Like a crafting system or how to make the inventory bigger?

Should i expand on the guide?
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I will definitely use this ! Thanks for the tutorial!

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Bump! Some people will definitely want this.

This is helpful for minecraft, as the inventory apears in the middle of your screen

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I can’t seem to get the number of my selected item to show. It just says ‘undefined’. Can someone help?

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