Any other ideas i should add to my among us theme lobby? (does it at least look good?)

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Add an emergency meeting and more one-way-out space props as it is a little empty, oh, also, check this terrain guide

I’d suggest layering some of your terrain because your map can look very blocky if all terrain are on the same layer (3-middle)

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Also, you might want to check my guide “The Ultimate Guide To Among Us” and go to the “art” section.
It also has some useful task guides.

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I don’t think you’d need that much sentries.
Try using more props.
Also, why’d you waste 9,000 memory for just design?
I’d suggesting saving that instead for more complex things like voting systems as among us already takes up a lot of memory


You could add some smaller details. Like some broken glass, or some space trash.

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This is for among us, right? I made a guide for this you could check out.

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I also linked that in the art section of my guide lol :slight_smile:


Oh, oops. Well at least it makes it easier to find now…


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I suggest adding teleporters, just for fun. Because they work in the Pre-Game stage, they’re just little additions that may help brighten the mood.

Yes,it looks cool! Infinity/10

Anytime @OnlyOG! Looks amazing

Here is the lobby i made for the skeld map, you can copy it if you would like.

Wow, that looks actually pretty good!

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Maybe this can help with the lobby?

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oh boy! this looks pretty cool!

Why do you have a starting inventory device giving players slingshots?

1: Devices can’t trigger tasks in pre-game.

2: The starting inventory device applies for everyone, giving everybody that configured item.

3: Crewmates can get the weapon and kill each orher

You could also build off this guide by @WhereIsMyHat and put spawn pads in the Theater Chairs to make it look more like among us.

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(indeed, another one!)