Any ideas to make a bank?

im trying to make a heist map and i need ideas for props i can use for the bank, thanks!

Cool Ways to Use Props [Dificulty :white_large_square: or 0/10]

Cool ways to use props 2.0 (Difficulty :white_large_square: or 0/10)

There’s a lot of prop disigns here.
(P.S. I added the idea tag.)

A guide I made:
The ultimate guide on banks in GCM (Gimkit Creative mode)

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thank you! : D ill make sure to look through them

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i put lasers @CAPRISUNS

i was doing one, but the idea just ran out of steam for me.

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Just Use A Marble Sign It Kind Of Looks Like The Front Of A Bank!
Screenshot 2024-03-10 6.36.40 PM


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