Another post :-: (I don't know what to add)

I’m running out of creativity. When you finally do good in your build you realize something is missing. I can’t tell what is wrong with my build so far does it need more does it need less do I need to make it more adjustable I just don’t know. that’s why I posted this anyway here is all the maps parts since somethings is missing.

help mee- also this is a horror game

You can add more furniture to the house to make it ALIVE

quick question… Is the code still valid? because codes aren’t aloud… :frowning:

Ok but- what kind of furniture?

Dw it’s old I took this and than closed it

maybe on the blue rug, you can add a cool design.

use this guide to make your carpet more carpety

tint the coral darker blue tho

okay, I will try to add design

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Okay so your main room looks very empty… try adding a fireplace

It looks a bit, well sad. You might want to add some darker colors because of it being a horro escape game, and you might want to make the map bigger, like add teleporting rooms, a basment, atic, etc.

Okay, I will add an fireplace.

I would but what would I put in the basement or aticc?

like this?

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erm…not exactly… I think you replied to the wrong person…?

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I don’t think they clicked your link. I think they just followed your instructions.

no my instructions were to use layered coral to make a carpet…

You said tint the coral darker blue, so I think they just make it darker blue.

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Teleporters, and make a room, and just link the teleporters.

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you said to make the carpet more carpety

Well I gues that is true :melting_face: