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yeah, just add small line text with the symbols _ or – on the edges.

okay I will ____________

You don’t need to, that was just on how to make carpet design.

In this case, the code is allowed because it is in a picture showing a gimkit creative map. If they didnt allow codes to be in the gimkit creative photos, then there wouldnt be any pictures. The code will probably be invalid by the time anyone tries it anyways. happy to help! :smile:

A quick way to make the game look creepier is to use barriers.
step 1. place a barrier and turn the collision off.
step 2. change the color of the barrier to pitch black and turn off borders.
step 3. change the alpha of the barrier to 0.20 to 0.50
step 4. stretch the barrier to fit the room.
step 5. put the barrier to the top layer, and repeat for every room you want.

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i think its better then before (for the carpet)

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okay i will try this

Maybe a few more items on the counter next to the fridge? And maybe add something in the big empty space in front of the fridge and counter, like a dining table. Also, since this is a horror game, I would suggest using the infected furniture instead of the regular furniture to make it creepier/more dramatic.

regular furniture would fit the theme better and make it look mod real you can just timit it darker to seem more dramatic.

do like an escape room type where theres a secret passage behind bookshelf

Just place some pot plants or a bookcase. Look around your real house, and try to find inspiration.

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I usually exit the game just incase I didn’t blur one of the photo codes

It seems too bare and maybe you need the How to make a Day/Night System Revised and Improved and just use the night part which is just black barriers

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