A Flood In GKC Platforming


So, we’ve all played that one game Flood Escape 2 on Roblox right? It’s the game where you have to parkour across courses (that range from laughable to pure death) that quickly rise with either water, acid, or lava. In that game, you have 100 air and being in water makes you lose 8 air/sec, 30 air/sec for acid, and lava instantly drowns you.

Course I’m not gonna make water and acid, those can be made using a breath meter! And lava is cool, let’s get into it.

Designing the Flood

I would use a blue barrier with opacity 0.8, no borders, inactive on game start, and no collision for water. Keep in mind that this isn’t FE2 and water will in fact instantly kill you.

Very important, depending on your game, the barrier shall either be player-scoped or global-scoped. Think about your own game, what will it be?

The barrier’s RGB would be 78 141 208.

Next, get a button to activate the flood! Make it say something like “Activate Flood?” or something like that. Wire the button to the barrier like this:

Now, take a laser, and here’s what you should do. Extend it so that it reaches across the entire floodlength, and make it black. That will make it invisible for some reason. Now, make it do 999 damage, don’t show the start and end points, and put it at the top of your flood! (Also the button should activate the laser too).

Now take both devices and deactivate them when receiving “REMOVED”!

What you’re finally going to want to do, is copy and paste every barrier and laser, and cover the entire area that you’re going to flood in them.

Like this. Now, what happens next?

Opening the Floodgates


So THAT, is what happens next. But it’s not actually as hard as you might think it is. First of all, wire that first button to a trigger. And here’s where you get to choose some things.

Essentially how this system works is this:

  • The trigger has a delay, and that delay acts as how much to wait before flooding the next area.
  • The trigger triggers the wire repeater after it triggers and activates the barrier and laser it corresponds to too.
  • This keeps looping, until the flood ends.

In my game, I first gave the player 12.5 seconds to escape the first barrier, then like 6 seconds for the second, and so on.

So now, place down a trigger, wire the button to the trigger and give the trigger some delay. Make it invisible on game start and it can’t be triggered by collision. Now, place down wire repeaters, each having a similar delay, make each wire repeater activate a certain portion of flood, and wire all the triggers and wire repeaters to each other (in order of corresponding to lowest barrier to corresponding to highest).

This will make a flood happen. I don’t have a GIF of this flood, but trust me, it will. Now, how would you get rid of this flood of a player is killed by it?

Removing the Flood

This part is actually pretty simple. Place down a zone in the area you flooded, and make it broadcast on the channel “REMOVE” when a player leaves the zone.

Since each and every barrier and laser already deactivates on “REMOVE”, the flood will be completely gone after a player finishes the flood or dies to it!

You can probably do this using some other ways, I’ve already thought of one:

  • Lifecycle (When player knocked out) (broadcast on channel “REMOVE”)

Hopefully your barriers were player-scoped!


This was my first real guide after this long. How do you like it?

I encourage everyone to make more mechanics guides, even if a lot are taken up. They’re cool and they’re better than art.

I will be continuing EoBC soon…

and you can tell me your thoughts on this. Also no difficulty poll haha.

-@mysz out


Thanks! I have been meaning to make a game like this but didn’t know how to program it.



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Great guide mysz!
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If/when josh adds jump height and gravity editing to platforming, and we decrease the gravity and the jump height, we could make an underwater effect.


the mysz guides are back!! yay!

great guide!


this guide. not I wonder if jeffo will ever add swimming to gimkit to either 4 ways or DLD

Cool guide!

I don’t mean to pick bones, but if someone just stays below the laser, nothing would happen to him? so theoretically he can just stay there because nothing else is there to kill him? So I would suggest Using zones and properties

but overall nice guide! can’t wait to make this when platforming comes out to the unpaying normiess

but they also just cant move on so they’re basically soft locked anyway

good point!

Idea: Add this after you finished your map or you will not have a good time.

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