Thumbnail and Level Name Voting

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Screenshot 2024-04-08 4.13.55 PM

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Level Names will start Tomorrow.


You could ask someone I know that could do way better and really knows there thumbnails well
if you say yes to this post Í can try to h00k you up

dude u forgot my name in the poll

You can still make thumbnails so basically he just has to make it before NEXT friday

I just put it in im sorry

oh okay thank you!!!

Is this still time for a thumbnail to be made???

YES in fact there is poll ends next friday

Okay just tell me what you want to see

I Mean, if you want reference i could let you see the game early? Other than that, put whatever you want in.

Ask @Kat_aronii she made my thumbnails and many others and is pretty popular because of it
Screenshot 2024-01-24 3.29.58 PM


Also is this a platformer?
What skins you want in?

No not a platformer
any skins
any background (except memes)
Anything that fits the theme of the 6 levels. Main ones are workshop playground lab, and plant.
sentry adventure game

I just sent a picture of what she has made tell me how you like it

Okay thank for specifying
I am going to start now.

@Gimkitsuggestor Is there a way to private message her? (+ its a good thumbnail)

well if your on the wix then you can ask her or if your lucky then she may appear here

@Gimkitsuggestor What wix? Sorry im am not the best at this

Its fine just dont choose a thumbnail if you want her to do it

I look into it and see if i can message her