A detailed table on GKC's devices


Guides used [DO NOT ONEBOX]:
. A List to All Devices With Limits!
. (UPDATED) - Gimkit Devices Ranked by Memory
. Gimkit Creative
. Every single image of devices *FINISHED*

Images in Tables

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The Table

Component Name Memory Placement Limit Description Image
Tag Zone 1500 6 allows players to tag each-other image84x153
Sentry 500 / 1000 100 a bot that knocks out other players image120x92
Block Code 500 75 blocks each device program a device to do complicated things, or make a system N / A
Repeater 500(1st placement) 10 repeat a task at a set interval image59x129
Flag 450 6 carried around and used in ctf image275x237
Movement Meter 400 require a player to have items to move image63x140
Zone 300 64 detect when players enter certain areas image134x128
Flag Capture Zone 300 64 auto-capture a flag when player enters zone
Questioner 250 6 bring a kit to answer questions with image294x110
Inventory Item Manager 215 track how much items one has image140x274
Waypoint 175 mark a location for players to pay attention to
Game Overlay 175 32 display text or buttons on-screen
Camera View 150 128 set the bounds that players are allowed to see within
Vending Machine 125 sells items to players image284x285
Laser Beam 75 / 250 100 a laser that damages players
Text 60 200 place down text with content and style image59x25
Lifecycle 50 runs actions when lifecycle occurs
Popup 50 200 create modals and banners
Button 50 300 run actions on interaction image49x43
Teleporter 50 teleport players from 1 location to another image135x116
Trigger 40 Infinite core device to send messages and run events image160x162
Checkpoint 40 a respawn point for players image44x54
Item Granter 35 300 grant/remove items image126x165
Checker 35 keep track of how many times something has been done image77x130
Laser Beam Manager 32 manages lasers image77x130
Damage Boost 30 increase damage that players can deal image60x137
Counter 25 512 a device that counts when an event occurs
Barrier 20 500 block off areas
Relay 20 128 trigger events on behalf of other players
Health Granter 20 grants health/shield
Notification 15 sends a message to others
Property 10 128 stores data in blocks image63x140
Starting Inventory 10 64 give items at the start of the game image130x275
End Game 10 16 end the game
Respawn 10 16 force players to respawn
Speed Modifier 10 32 modify player speed
End of Game Widget 10 shows info about the end of the game
Knockout Manager 10 10 drops items and run actions when KOs occur image55x131
Prop 10 5000
Wire 10 wire other devices/props to other devices/props
Spawn Pad 10 set where players should be when the game begins image160x162
Item Spawner 8 100 spawns items image79x66
Team Switcher 7 N / A switch a player to another team
Wire Repeater 5 a node to connect wires to/from image72x109
Wall 2,500

The thing is that unlike this guide, those aren’t directly organized in a table


why isnt there every image
like game overlay where

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This is nice so far!

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They are still adding it.

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Nice guide, great for little Device Compendium. I find it strange that there’s so many guides on the subject, but still, nice to have a few around.


No, there were no images found to provide it, and it’s a wiki.
I will figure it out later

Why not take a pic of the missing devices?

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make sure to note the repeater is only 500 memory on first placement!


I just made that note.

Wait, the blockcode isn’t always 500 right?

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It is always 500.


Ooo fancy guide noice

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