3D Viewpoints in GKC

This a untested theory (to some degree)

What you'll need to know
  1. How to Create Quantum Portal Machineguns! (by @mysz)

  2. Object Health Stacking: How to Track Inanimate Objects’ Health (by @Shdwy )

The theory itself

3D rendering is already a thing with text operations. Now we have to create 3D viewpoints. First you would need to have a coordinate system and have to detect where your mouse is pointing, creating a certain angle. Then depending on where you’re standing and where your mouse is pointing you would have text operations (different angles) showing up on something like a popup but full-screened. The machine gun is to keep firing where your mouse is pointing. The prop stacking is for detecting where your mouse is pointing. The trigger coordinate system would check where you’re standing. (This would be very blocky if the props are normal size so the smaller the props the better.)

Step 1

You’ll need to make a machine gun that has a fast firing rate without having to spam some key which is impossible according to @getrithekd

Step 2

We would need to make a coordinate system with triggers.Then we would have to use prop stacking to detect what we are hitting from what coordinate we are in(also we would have to somehow make it have no collision).

Step 3

This is the part where I would have the text operations (as 3D rendering) showing on the players screen. (I’m not sure how to make it full screen yet)

If someone knows how to do this please reply and I will make a new guide with your solution. (You’ll also be credited in the guide)

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Please don’t make another guide when you figure a solution just type in the replies and I will credit you.

Happy Gimkitting!



I also just realized projectile tracking (forgot the term) will solve the first two problems. (Meaning we wouldn’t have to use prop stacking and the machine guns)
Please, please, please don’t make another guide about the same thing when projectile tracking is added.
@Blackhole927, should this be in clay-institute?

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nice, I totally understand this all!

why did you write in GKC all 3 times?

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No idea, let me fix it. @GimSolver , should this be in clay-institute though?

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IDK, I’m not the theoretical guy, I’m more of the physical guy.


Who’s on the theoretical side?

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@Blackhole927, @ClicClac, @Getrithekd and a lot of the OG Regulars.


All of them were online at least 4 hours ago. :frowning:

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maybe @Haiasi?sorry for pinging.

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I guess I’ll wait for someone to show up.

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hey, um, is this how to see 3d for games?

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Yes it is - 3rd step is a work in progress. And pretty much everything else


Yeah, weirdly most new players are physical, and many/most OGs are theoretical.


Why am I not physical though?

I guess I’m just one of those really odd people

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I don’t know really anything about gkc theoretically but you could use zones and whatever zone they step in that frame of the whole screen shows… move forward and the frame, which can be made with props and stuff shows, or you can just get a lof ot text and make it pixel art…

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@Blackhole927, should this be in clay-institute?

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Alright- I just read through it and I don’t think it is, as it appears to be a working theory, it just hasn’t been implemented yet.


So yes or no @Blackhole927 ?

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No, he means no, because clay-institute is a problem, and this isn’t.


Okay, thanks @Apoll02 !

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