How to make Quantum Portal Machine Guns (Alternate Version)

Hi everyone. I know it has been a while since I last posted here, so I decided I was going to post something. Now, you may be thinking, “I_Am_Bigfoot, someone already made a guide on Quantum Portal Machine Guns!”, while that is true (credit to @mysz for the original guide) I have found an alternate way to do this.

All you are going to need is one Item Spawner and some changed map settings.

First place down the Item Spawner and configure the settings like this:

Now you are done, you just have to edit the map. First, go into Map Options, then Items, and scroll down to refill duration, change it from default to instant. You should see something like this:

And now you are done. Just collect the two portal launchers and switch back and forth to the 2nd and 3rd slots of your inventory and spam click. This can also be combined with a 10x Damage Boost.

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Nice guide!
I wouldn’t recommend making very short guides though- it’s more or less just changing one or two settings in a device and the map options.

Also, the Instant Reload setting isn’t actually instant-
there’s a very very small delay before you can fire your next shot, but I guess that’s to balance it.
The original QP Machineguns guide kept granting and taking away a Quantum Portal because there’s no delay between firing if you have a new weapon/gadget with a full magazine.


Yes, I agree, but this is an excellent guide. It could be longer, but it is good!

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There’s another way, in @getrithekd’s guide on Movement Engines. Or maybe he removed it. I don’t remember.

this is a cool guide, quantum portal machine guns are always alot of fun

nice guide!

I remember seeing this guide about a month ago. What happened with me was that I crashed for some reason, but now. QUANTUM PORTAL MACHINE GUNS ARE REAL! (Unless you need ammo in a balanced game, good luck getting those heavy shards.)

Cool this is grate love it

@Haiasi But when you are switching guns the reload becomes instant, and when you start spamming then it becomes instant for shooting. The thing is it will be hard when your moving and anyone can use it if they find the generator or whatever

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