2 way infection... Both teams are infected?

How do we make it so when you die, you get sent to the other team

So, do you lose health die or tag die?

Lifecycle and team switcher

lose health die…

tht wont work because how will it know what team to send you to?

So, knockout manager, when player knocked out, transmit on “infected.” Team switcher switches player to the infected team on “infected.”

The life should be player knocked out

Ok, guys, idont think you understand.
So , when team A kill team b person, then team b person go on team a
but when team b person kill team a person, it puts them on team b
I know how to make a infectin.
Think of it like this. It is a infection game, but we can cure the infected by killing them
So how do we cure the infected?

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Oh… the curing part ummm let’s see lemme think…

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2 team switchers, relays, lifecycles (three things I have little experience in) I think.

How do we wire them together?

How about… button and team switcher? For the curing and if they find the secret button, they’re healed?

That was just an esample. I want it to be when you kill them then it switch you to other team

Did you read the guides I linked?

ihave seen the guides before i think

Make lifecycle to when player knocked out,
Team switcher to specific team, and the team the tagger in on

Yea, this one dont really work. It is a one way infection

Did you read the other comments? He wants it so when you kill an infected player they get cured.

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Yeah, yall dont understand dont worry, it is complictated. wait, do I not understand?
Ok, so there are 2 teams. A and B
A person kill B person, B person becomes A person
B person kills A person, A person becomes B person