2 questions plssssssss help

  1. How do you make it that when a player from team 1 get’s knocked out, they go to team 2 and get shown the same Popup?
  2. How do you make it that a counter keeps track of how many seconds until you get knocked out, but only for the people in team 1?

Get two relays that goes to a random player on team 1 (specific team), and two team switchers, and then after relay is relayed, wire a popup to it so that it appears on their screen.

Here is the answer for the second question:

For question :one:

Have :two: relays pick :two: random people on team :one:. (Each relay does 1 person.)

Wire those relays to a team switcher device.

Also wire the relays to a popup with your message.

For Question :two:

Get a lifecycle and listen for “Player Knocked out”, not “Player Knocks out”.

Wire the lifecycle to a team switcher device.

Also wire it to the same popup device.


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