Yall im doing an Among Us map and i need help

Can yall give me some ideas to put into my map? im stumped and all my creativity just disappeared.
Advice needed:
Map making ideas

So, are you trying to make it original or with your own spin on things?

maybe this could help with some things?

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Thank you for this! Im new on here so im still getting around on the website lol.

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Im doing a spinoff of it, but i need task ideas and how to create them.

i made an among us map before, try taking one arcade (on) and an off one then use a button so when you press it it should hide the off one and make the on arcade appear.

ill show you a mini idea in a minute

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Asteroid shooting task:

Make a room and put your gimkit char in to though a teleporter make props hide and unhide like whack a mole using the evil eye gadget to try and break the the prop. (use the rock prop)

also her is a guide from @Grey_Stone wich might help you

but it might be a bit too hard :confused:


Perfect! i didnt even think of that task!