What will this ever be used for?

Could somebod6 explain to me what and when the sin block will be used?
Wait strike one? What does that mean
@Lostsea3 I don’t have a solution yet
A sin block exists, how is it used? @Lostsea3
@Magenta_Dragon instead of arguing, can you help?

I’m actually getting concerned that users won’t read the rules and do the opposite of what the rules are saying.

We have no idea when it will be used: Josh & Jeff didn’t plan when to release it.

Some new users don’t read the rules while some don’t care…

i never read them but i fitted in just well

i wouldn’t call a strike spare them this one they were asking about a featuer

Idk what they mean
Apparently they think you are breaking the rules…

Yeah isn’t the topic about GKC?

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it is so thats why i don’t understand why they are getting a strike spare them this one @THEHACKER120

also @phoque mark your soultion should be post number one so this can close

Yea I did took it away

well the answer is post number one we have no idea if it will be relased and wasn’t planned to be

thank you @THEHACKER120

Wait since when is there a strike system. And why can you take and add strikes to someone.

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well @THEHACKER120 is technically a tl4 i treat anyone who looks to a person with long time knoledge that way but he and others can its just so that we don’t deal with people like the recent ban speedrunner they got banned right?

The hacker isnt a TL4. He is a TL2/Member. TL2s have no such ability of strikes yet is there a system.

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still a person with a higer tl then me

Also which ban speedrunner. There has been a lot.

@phoque I am not arguing just stating facts, also don’t ping me

from austrilia i beilve

Yes they are banned now back on topic.

also, there is no such thing as a strike… when’d that become a thing?


The hacker started it when they were counting strikes for the ban speedrunner.

Okay, we should stop talking about that now.

I think they made it up but it is not official
And Magenta Dragon in your bio it literally says “I like being pinged”