What Traps should i make in my game?

Im making a game where you have to get though stages and one of the stages is desert so im wondering what challenges and traps should be there.

Sticky Zone, Trigger Traps

blinking lasers as well and teleporters that send you back

Use could make landmines:

And because it’s in the desert, make it so it slowly takes away from your health, and there are water wells that you have to stop at that would restore your health.

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there should be places to dig and when they dig an enemy pops out the sand

Quick sand is a good idea all tho i already had this idea and added this to my game but i didn’t use quick sand the way you described i made it so when you walked into the quicksand you respawn.

but quicksand doesnt kill you straightaway
contrary to the name it sinks you slowly and then you die of suffocation (lovely I know)
so maybe you should do that the longer time you spend in the quicksand area, you lose more health and THEN you respawn

Maybe randomly flashing lasers?
Sentries that pop up, shoot at you, and disappear?

you know, if you have different colored sand, like maybe purple sand is bad sand, you could have triggers under the bad sand and only that is quicksand

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but would they have that in a desert setting?

Maybe in a star wars type of desert…

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and this could be a plant sentry, and thhey could be prickly cactuses!!

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since when is star wars a desert setting!
only thing that could be related, is that you can see the sahara from space?

Like that desert area in the first movie, I think? Where Obi Wan was? All the rocks and sand?

Maybe the lasers could be some sort of ancient civilization’s magic?

I think you mean Tatooine. Another example is Jakku.


What about hidden teleporters like hunting traps with some barely visible wood around it that catches you, and then robot sentries pop-up around you like automaton hunters with guns. Then you have to kill them or you die and lose some progress.