What Should I Add?

Class Bedwars:

Kits: Voltage, Mark, Fisherman, Bounty Hunter, Investor.

Class: Voltage

Collect volts around the map to increase speed, regeneration, and even track players! (may add extra damage once the damage modifier is added). Collecting volts heals you, and at a certain number of volts, you unlock a special ability! However, your base health is 95.

Class: Mark

This is your chance to get revenge. When you’re knocked out, track the player who knocked you out for 1 minute. If you’re able to knock them out before 1 minute is over, you can gain heavy rewards.

Class: Fisherman

Cast your rod, and get ready to do some fishing! Buy bait in the shop, and fish for weapons, items, and fish that you can eat for health! Who said you couldn’t fight and fish at the same time?

Class: Bounty Hunter

During the game, track a random player. Knocking that player out increases your bounty score. If you have a higher bounty score, knocking out more targets will grant more loot. However, this comes with a price. If you’re knocked out with a high bounty score, the player who knocked you out will gain huge rewards.

Class: Investor

Finance is very important in the time of war. That’s why as an investor, you get to spend your money on a special market, and watch it increase! However, if you make a bad decision, everything could come crashing down…

What mechanics should I add?

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I forgot to mention, you can suggest any mechanic, not just classes.

Also, I may need some balancing. Mark seems like the most weak out of all of these classes so far, so how should I buff him without making him a clone of Bounty Hunter?

What about a class based off of staying away from other people, and the longer you stay away, the more points you earn.

What happened to the PFP?

That would be cool, but it would need a coordinate system, and I don’t really know.

This looks really awesome

You actually wouldn’t. Have two tag zones that don’t respawn the player, with different sizes. If you enter one, activate a certain item granter. If you activate another, closer one, activate a different item granter.

Ooh, nice. But I want to make the game more of a fast-paced game, and focus on more aggressive classes than defensive classes (of course i will still have defensive classes).

Any support class ideas? Or just mechanic ideas?

What happened to your PFP?

I did not feel that my current pfp showed the current state of the ClicClac lore well/ I can’t draw any part of a dragon well, wings included. You’ll see a new pfp in a few days.

Class : Strongman

Increased defensive and damage abilities, melee, but slightly slower

Class : Hasty Archerman

Ranged class, very low defensive abilities, extremely low damage to compensate for firerate and velocity. Very high speed. Arrows also fire at a high velocity and firerate.

That’s cool!

Here are some cool Battle Royale classes that you could consider adding to your game:

  1. Medic: A support class that can heal allies and revive fallen teammates.

  2. Sniper: A long-range specialist with a powerful sniper rifle and the ability to spot/shoot enemies from afar.

  3. Scout: A reconnaissance specialist with a high movement speed and the ability to detect nearby enemies.

  4. Engineer: A versatile specialist with the ability to build structures, repair vehicles, and create electronic equipment.

  5. Demolitionist/Trapper: A specialist with explosive weapons and the ability to set traps and sabotage enemy equipment.

  6. Assassin: A stealth specialist with a silenced weapon and the ability to move quietly and quickly. All ranges

  7. Tank: A durable front-line fighter with heavy armor and the ability to absorb damage for their team.

  8. Hacker: A specialist with the ability to control sentries and hack into enemy equipment.

  9. Guardian: A defensive specialist with the ability to deploy shields and barriers to protect allies.

  10. Survivalist: A self-sufficient specialist with the ability to scavenge resources and craft items to stay alive in the wilderness.

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Increased look range as well

Make movement speed very slow

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Are these just TF2 classes or something?

TF2? Please clarify. (Sorry!)

Team Fortress Two.

I just thought of generic classes and put their descriptions into Grammarly.

@mysz You could add a “Darkness” kit and a “Light” gadget, the “Darkness” kit can teleport somebody that the player wants to target, to a “Dark Room” they stay in there for 30 seconds, the room prevents anyone from doing anything, they wait. The “Light Gadget” takes people out of the room instantly.

Wow, this is some cool stuff! I have absolutely no ideas right now. Sorry