What Should I Add?

You could add the crocowolf thing from rbedwars where if they’re bed gets broken, their stats like hp, defense, damage, or whatever get buffs

Jester: The Jester has the power to immediately lower players stats that are in 15 meter radius of him, and are on a different Class Or Team. The Jester is immune to any stat - lowering attacks, but it’s stats are super low already. This character also has the ability to give One player from a different Class/Team Bad Luck.

Ooh, that sounds great. Thanks!

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My friend can name every kit from rbedwars

if this were a few months ago, maybe. I’m just trying to think of some that are simpler to make and are more or less easily possible lol

Soul Stealer:
Spawns with low health, strong damage, and kinda fast speed. Every time they kill someone they gain tons of health and more speed/damage, however, they grow more unstable from absorbing their souls.Their instability forces them to kill another person within a set time, for another soul to support them, each time the remaining time before they must kill someone narrowing (set a max for how far it can go). If they don’t make it, they die and their health/damage/speed resets and so does their stability. Basically, kill people, get better, but need to kill people faster, and faster
Sounds like a way to get a 50 kill streak then die

Lol, true!

What if in that one minute, you do double damage to the player who is marked

That would be cool, but you cannot modify damage yet. If the damage modifier gets added soon, I’ll be sure to add something like that. Thanks, and welcome to the forums!

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Thanks, I got it now.

An airstrike class. Very weak in their base and on the way to other bases, but gets a quantum portal machine gun inside any other base. And a health boost.

Maybe add a plans mechanic, and have a spy monitor communication lines?

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In my game, I made a tank class that heals only shield 4 every 1/2 second

I also made an HVAC class that can teleport in certain parts of the map (vents)

Finally a barbarian class that has a rage mode button to go faster and heal a bit for 10 seconds and then go into a 30 second cooldown

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