"kit" Ideas For my Roblox Bedwars remake 𝔭l҉𝔰 𝔥e҉𝔩p҉ m҉𝔢!҉! (I still need help)

So these are the kits I have so far:

I need a couple more, so pls help me!

kit name: uhhhh. yeah.
abilities of the kit: explain them a little bit (can be anything)
defects of the kit (not required): explain it a little

For those of you who don’t know, a kit is basically just power ups from picking a character, who has a name.


Argo77: tank; has more health;does less damage.

JohanGim:Headstart;starts with a wooden sword and 2 emeralds

Totally original and totally not snatched from a roblox game named “Bedwars”
Anyways, Make a tank kit which has more health but does less damage

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kit name: Headstart
abilities of the kit: Start with 1 wooden sword and 2 emeralds.

are we doing real roblox bedwars? or no?

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Yes, Im making a re-make of Roblox bedwars, but I already have 3 kits from the actual game, so I just wanted to be a little bit original and I couldn’t think because It was night, so I just made this topic.

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ʰᵉˡᵖ ᵖˡˢˢ

can people pls help? I rlly need ideas.

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@wait.what.626Youtube didn’t know < small > worked on the title

eh, heres a list: (didnt read above posts)

  • tank: more health and damage, but slower movement
  • archer: gets a zapper at the start
  • athlete: more movement speed, but less health and damage
  • builder: spawns with 25 blocks
  • drone: can use a drone (camera point) to spy on the opponent base
  • stonks: 5% discount in the shop and +2 iron every 5 seconds

Let’s go! I also was going to make Roblox bedwars once, but I didn’t have the motivation, so I didn’t. But I did have some kit ideas:


it actually dosent. I just used a small text generator that i looked up. Also, those are some GREAT ideas THX!

Hmmmm whisper? (If ya know what that is)

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oooohhh! yes, I actually have the whisper kit! :slight_smile: THX

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Or miner, but that would be hard to code and annoying….
OOOO or yamini!!

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you would need a coordinated system, and buttons that show up where they got eliminated yeah.

What about yamni? Wait r u gonna do it on platform or…

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yes its on platformer, and what does that kit do?

I still need ideas.

the kit allows when ur falling to climb on things and you can press this button and jump about 3 blocks wide

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that would be a little hard to implement into the game though.

hmmmm true…how bout…uhhhhhhhh floral? not a good kit, but gives u a floralbow when u sh0ot someone, it deals something like “fire” damage, so maybe for floral u get a bow/slingshot in the beginning on the game?

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