What multiplayer games should i make

i want to make multiplayer platform games but i dont know what typo make them about

Geometry Dash

how do i make geometry dash ive tried before but its too hard

Honestly, I would explain it to you, but unfortunately, I don’t have the season pass.
But you’ll probably need props and zones that make you respawn.

how do i make people always move

  1. preferred prop on ground
  2. zone over prop (or trigger idk if they’re in platforming
    3 connect zone to a respawn device

(idk why the 3 has moved up)

what are you saying this for?!

Something like this:

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To make an obstacle to jump over in geo dash

Wait NVM @FNaFguyLP use this guide:


wait does this make it so they cant stop moving (I hope no Swifties see this comment)

It shows who’s AFK so you can kick them out of the game

oh, is there a way so it kills them if they stop moving

Ummmm maybe… I couldn’t find any guides on it though…

like an escape room?

what do you mean like an escape room?

you could make it so that the player is constantly moving, however forced player movement can be difficult. (and just annoying to code.)

do you know how to, it would be a really big help (not trying to act mean)

Like that two players have to communicate with each other to help each other to beat the escape room. Like maybe a invisible maze and the player 1 has to show player 2 how to do it.

I am not real good with coding but I am good with wires and stuff.