The Bigfootian AFK Notifier 2.0

Alright, I have returned to the forum with another build. This is called the AFK Notifier. When a player joins the game, a timer starts running. If the player stays at the spawn point, the timer continues to count down. However, if the player moves away from the spawn point, the timer stops running. When the timer reaches zero and the player is still at the spawn point, a message is sent to the game host indicating that the player is AFK. (This can easily turn into a troll because announcing that a player is AFK makes them vulnerable to attack.) Now, without further ado, here are the instructions for the notifier.

==Materials Needed:==

  • 2 Triggers
  • 1 Notification
  • 1 Zone

First, we are going to create the timer. Click on one of the triggers, and add these settings:

Now wire the first repeater to the second repeater like so:

Next, we are going to make the Notification as well as the Zone that stops the notification from being sent.

For this, click on the Zone, and change this setting:

(This is the channel that stops the timer if the player is not AFK.)
Next, shrink the Zone to the smallest size like below, and then move it on top of the first Trigger:

Now it is time for the Notification. We will need to use blocks for this step, which adds complexity. First, go into the Notification, and then click on ‘Blocks’ and then create a block like this:

Finally, go into the ‘All Options’ for the Notification, and add these settings:

And there you go! You now have a working AFK Player Detector to use on your very own map, which should look something like this:

This can help Hosts to figure out which players are playing the game, and which are AFK.


Wow! This is a great guide! I cannot wait to use this sometimes in my map!

Cool! One thing: you may want to replace the repeater with a trigger.


This is absolutely amazing!
There are lots of these but this one is cool!


That is an interesting concept, but I have one question about using a trigger instead of the repeater: How will a trigger make the timer decrement by one second consistently like a timer would? Although now looking back, without anything to stop the timer when it gets to 0 is a blunder on my end.

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Use the delay option.

Ohhhh, now I see what you mean. I can eliminate half the components needed if I use a trigger with a delay, instead of the whole Repeater + Counter mechanism.

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I don’t think you’ll have to eliminate the counter…

Ehhhhh while the Counter and Repeater timer has some merit, it takes up more memory than just a trigger with a delay.

I should use the trigger more–it seems like such an amazing device…

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how do i use the blocks for the notification, I coudlnt find them


i meant this one
Screenshot 2024-03-20 6.46.48 AM

That’s in the for this device section.

the picture showing the wires is not showing, how do i wire it?

well we have a location detector now so we can use that