How To Make an AFK detector [🟩] or 3/10, 3660 Memory

Welcome to my first guide!

Hey guys, welcome to my first guide :DD
Also, all codes are inactive if you must know.

Finished Product:

First of all, place a Player Coordinates device. You don’t need to change any settings. Then, place a Counter device. Change the Count Scope from global to player by clicking on it.

Wire the Player Coordinates device to the Counter.

Now, place a Property device. Here are it’s settings. The rest stay default and unchanged.

OK, now that we have our property, let’s go back to our Counter.
You’ll see a list of tabs for grouping device settings. Click the Property tab.

Alright, now you should see a Update Property setting. Click it and choose yes.

You’ll see a Property To Update section. Put the name of the property we previously placed in the box.
Place a Lifecycle. Let’s leave it at the default settings, the Life Cycle action is Game Start.
Now, you’ll see that the Lifecycle has a channel setting. Let’s put a channel there and name it StartTLoop.

Place a Trigger device.
Here are the list of things you should change:

  1. Create a new channel in the Trigger when receiving on setting and name it StartTLoop.
  2. Create a new channel in the When triggered, transmit on setting and name it StartTLoop.
  3. Make the Trigger Delay 5 seconds. (You can change this to your liking though)

Alright! Time for the last step. Place a Checker device.
Click the Check #1 option.

  1. Make it check for a Property.
  2. Put the PlayerMoves property in the Property setting box.
  3. Set the Comparison to Equal To.
  4. Set the Value to 1.

Now, go back to the “Featured” tab of the Checker.

  1. In the Check when receiving on setting, insert the channel StartTLoop.
  2. In the When the check passes, transmit on setting, create a new channel and name it ResetCounter.
  3. Go back to the Counter. Scroll while hovering your mouse (if on mobile, scroll to the right with your finger) on the tabs section. Click the Channels tab.
    In the Reset counter when receiving on setting, insert the channel ResetCounter.

How this works

When a player moves before 5 seconds (or the number you put in the delay of the trigger), it sets the Counter-Linked property’s value to 1. After 5 seconds (or the number you put in the delay of the trigger), the Lifecycle will run the Trigger Loop. The *Trigger Loop *makes a Checker check if the PlayerMoves property is set to 1. If so, it resets the counter via a channel. If the PlayerMoves property is 0, that means the player has not moved and is afk.

Extra Notes

  1. You can add another device after the Checker to trigger or run if the check fails (which means the player was afk).
  2. You can use another device of your choice to replace the Lifecycle.
  3. I forgot to state this, but I’m pretty sure the AFK checker only works for the host, if you want it to check for all players then you can add a Relay between the Lifecycle and the Trigger and make the Relay Relay on a channel via the lifecycle and start the Trigger Loop via the Relay Channel. (This means the memory count in the title is wrong if you were to count the relay)
  4. Bruh, I tried out the system and it didnt’t work, I figured that you have set the Counter’s target to 1 so it won’t keep increasing every time you move.

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Great guide! Try making it a 4/10 instead. It seems more complicated than a 3/10.
3660 memory? That’s a lot! :slight_smile:
Anyway, great and unique guide
Sry this didn’t get a lot of attention :frowning:

you could use wires, just sayin…

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This is a fine guide, although it isn’t memory efficient…But nice job using the new player coordinate device!


I mean, most of the memory came from the Player Coordinates device and this can be used across the whole map. I agree with you though.

Wouldn’t a movement meter work for this? you are just checking if the player moved or not…


Well then you would have to use an IIM and a property to store energy then compare it again, but with this you just need the coordinate device

Plus, this would work even if your map doesnt have a required energy to move.

Great Guide justagimba!
One thing that I’d like to say is that your guide has a lot of pictures, which is really good and helps gkc beginners follow along easily. I wish other guides could follow your example.

first of all… you don’t need an IIM and second of all, the energy can just be a place-holder, not necessary to move.

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What do you mean by that? I’m still fairly new to GKC.
So in my understanding, unless if you set the player’s energy really high (like in potato1’s guide) or really low, the player wouldn’t be able to answer questions for energy because that would confuse the system or either just not add because the energy is already max.

How else are you supposed to convert Item Amounts into a property?
Only IIM’s can do that

you don’t NEED a property…

btw, I am making the system rn… I am almost done

Biggest guide ive seen in a LOOOONG time.

Keep up this great work!

Then tell me how you would detect that the player isn’t moving without a property.

really want me to do this here? I mean its his guide…

yeah, its fine, i’m open to see other people’s thoughts and other ideas

Can’t we just use a repeater?

not very efficient, as there can be a max of 10 repeaters in a map.

beat me to it lol

very good guide tho

also your name is showing, not like its against the rules, but just lyk

here is a video of an easier AFK detector

Good job!

Only problem would be the constant (You Got Energy) icon always popping up in your screen and obscuring stuff.