How to move a person when they're afk (1/10)

With this guide you can make tag!

1.get a spawn pad and put it where ever you want

(you can put walls around the spawn but you don’t have to)

2.get a teleporter and put it away from the spawn pad

3.get a zone and get a wire repeater

4.put the zone ontop of the spawnpad on the wire repeater and set the delay to what ever number you want for ex: 30

Now lets get into the wires!

6.wire the zone to the wire repeater and set the settings to this

7.wire the wire repeater to the teleporter and set the settings to this

And there you go!


Nice guide, @MrEgg! This is bound to help lots of battle-royale games.


Nice guide @MrEgg!

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Just pointing out, when a player leaves the zone, the pulse will still be there, causing them to be teleported to the teleporter even if they left before. Also I already made a guide on this, but good guide nonetheless!

P.S. Guide is misspelled.

thanks for notice that



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WHAT DOES BUMP MEAN!??!?!? I have seen SO MANY people say that, and I still don’t know why

There’s a guide on bumps. Look at that. It f you can’t find it here’s my best explanation.

Bumps make an old post go to to the top of the feed.

Here is the guide.

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OOOOOH. Thanks for the info!

:bear: bear bump™ :bear: