What is the mod to change your skin

I heard there was a way to change your skin to match the game like in snowy survival but I don’t know what that mod is. Can anyone help?


@blackhole927 i think u know this sry if you don’t

I know of one but there are hacks within it so gimkit probably doesn’t want you doing that

this is the cursed Gim.
which is currently unreleased.
so wait a few weeks or months (due to the summer)

what do you mean hacks?

Try going into “inspect”
Right click in a gimkit game and click “inspect”
Go to “sources” and find your Gims assets from there.
I have no idea on how to edit them.

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ok let me try real quick…

Things to increase money per question, energy, zoom, ect.

Like this one?
Screen recording 2024-05-25 9.46.37 PM

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I swear if this game doesn’t get on trending ima be so mad

What are you talking about?
Did you reply to the wrong topic?

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no i mean i have put so much work in a game (that’s why I’m asking the question) and I just really want it to get trending

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There is a way to override the sprite/spreadsheet for the gims. I have modified gims but I haven’t replaced them.

I’ve been wanting for this to work because one, it’d be cool to have the polaris gim on when people put on the spacesuit in my game, and two, I want to know how they did it in snowy survival.

i think this is what you’re looking for. correct me if im wrong.


They used the cosmos modifier device, which will never be released, so you can’t change people’s skins in your map like you’re wanting to.

Randm gimpossibel jumpscar

how did they do it then?

Can you read :skull:
They literally tell you

i meant how did they get the device if it was never realeased