What is the mod to change your skin

Oh, there was an exploit that allowed people to place the device and use it. It has since been patched. Me and wendover were the only ones I think who ever placed the device.

Wait a minute… you had it!?

:musical_note: wish we could turn back time, to the go-:musical_note:

no, actually, wish we could go to different version of gk like minecraft


Why did they take it away?

Also random question what time does everybody go to bed?

i dunno, i go to bed when I’m sleepy

lol me too :rofl:
I have to make my post longer

:musical_note: When our momma sang, us to sleep but now we’re stressed out :musical_note:


kay @BellaIscool.com mark a solution 2 clode this topic

you can just use the characters <> to hide characters, just don’t use other characters

welcome back!


Ofc the first thing i send in months is a quote from a song


i don’t know my answer yet tho

How’d u know I left in the 1st place tho?

sigh ya know what it was a fun idea thx for the help

+ in ur profile it shows last activity in jan

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here’s ur answer:

ya i made it the soulution

You were also able to place the XP device, so they patched it. After all, if you can place the XP device, XP grinding becomes pointless.

Im sleeping at about 2am. I’m on a coding grind right now lol.


welcome back to the forums! @Thats_Gimpossible also returned after leaving for a while, so welcome back to both of you!

i can’t remember the last time i slept, on the grind aswell


Man if only i new gimkit existed at this time…