Additional information about the Gimkit Awards!

Same! also who do you think would be the

fun fact: considering gimbucks released april 05 2022 and its been 103 weeks since then, if somebody had season pass and earned 2000 gimbucks every week since their release, they would still be less than a quarter of the way to affording josh gim.

anyways back on topic, i actually really want life saver to win for rare. i think it looks awesome!!


Then did people hack gimkit to show people josh gim in youtube vids?

and, @GimSolver has had all the season tickets. He might know…

how about Zenith? I really like Zenith.


Everything has a file

This is the checkpoint animation

This is a normal dark blue gim

You can get it by going into inspect sources

If we say replace the gim with the josh file, we get the josh gim!


when were season tickets even introduced??

Start of the 2023 school year

When Season 1 started which was at August 2023

The maps just get locked execpt your 3 most recent

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That checkpoint looks really satisfying, ngl.
@Jobozo1875 and @Kat_aronii


Wait really? I thought it was the 3 earliest.

carver looks like a knockoff of chompz…and the nose is… just weird

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honestky fair but i think carver looks sick

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how did I fall for the 1 million gim I really just went on gimkit to see it but it fake!

That would be impossible. You were only able to get 1500 gimbucks. Now with the ticket you can get 2k.

You mean the Josh Gim? It is indeed real and was sold for 1 million gimbucks for one day during April Fools.

WHAT?! THE @player1 WAIT YOU WAS SERIOUS? did anyone buy it? and did they get scammed for buying it?

Player1 got suspended, she/he won’t be responding anytime soon.

Definitely not anybody that bought it, who could ever grind 1 million gimbucks?