Additional information about the Gimkit Awards!

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, neithers, boths, and in-betweens of the Gimkit forums. I just wanted to make a little announcement both to answer some additional questions that any of you might have, and to reveal some of the categories we legitimately forgot to tell you about.

Primarily, I’m here to tell you about the 5 categories that we forgot to tell you about, which are as follows:

  • Best uncommon skin, as voted on by the community.

  • Best rare skin, also as voted on by the community.

  • Best epic skin, as voted on by the… You can probably guess by now, so i won’t finish that one.

  • Best legendary skin that is currently in the files, as voted on by… the community.

  • Favorite gadget (that’s your weapons, folks!) as voted on by… the community (shocker I know)

These categories that we missed, as you’ve likely noticed, don’t really revolve around any specific person getting a prize. These are the “Just for fun” awards, and we hope you’ll like them!

I’d also like to mention that we absolutely need to keep this post ON TOPIC. This means that the following is, in fact, not on topic:
The gimmie awards (not pointing fingers)
Advertising your work so you can get nominated (that’ll probably be a later post, maybe, haven’t decided yet.)

Please, keep this post as just questions about The Gimkit Awards, and answers to said questions.

Thank you all for being interested in the Gimkit Awards!


wait so how do you enter in the gimkit awards?


Here we go again… Hopefully this one won’t get shot down by certain people posting certain things


Budget heart until I have more :heart_decoration:


There will be a google form posted in may for nominations and voting (which will be some time after nominations!)


Definitely the slingshot as the best weapon. (Or the quantum gun)

Okay But i’m still confused

Snowball launcher for me-

Slingshot second though

Slingshot. It has range, fast speed. Although the reload is 3 seconds, its worth it.


About what, exactly? I’m more then happy to answer any questions you guys have.


Mostly everything you said

about what though?

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Well I want to enter in cause gimbucks

That’s… Not very specific, and you know that. Please specify what you think needs explaining.


How you enter in the gimkit awards

Oh, well, you don’t really enter, you get nominated by people nominating you during the nominations.



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How do you get nominated?

I nomanate… Myself! (a very funny joke, am I right?)

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i feel bad for unstable’s notifications, hes about to get blasted by the time the rest of the community finds this post lol.

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