What actually makes a good non boring Battle Royale Game?

I’ve made a lot of br games in my time on gkc and I’ve always ended up unsatisfied and I was just wondering what the community thinks makes a good Battle Royale. I’ll start: Chests that give you a random weapon.

If you want to know what the community thinks, maybe don’t post at 11:55 at night? Just a thought. I’m just reading my unreads

As far as making less boring games go, try and make it, don’t have long waiting times, have a lot of weapons.

I probably shouldn’t mention it’s 1 am where I live rn

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a mechanic that changes the whole game style and gameplay like resurgence by loooplo when u get knocked out, theres a timer which indicates that u cant respawn again until that timer is over


Oo-oh! I like that Idea

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I believe the best way is to make the arena visually appealing. You can do this by adding lots of props to make it interesting. You can also add cool Easter Eggs.

Hope this helps. :+1:

I think the best way to make a good map is the detail in the map. Open maps with nowhere to go are useless, but adding props, layering terrain, and playing good maps and exploring what you can do will make a good map.
Also emojis, advanced techniques like a coordinate system, and all that fun stuff.

What’s a Coordinate system?

I cannot stress this enough:
Plenty of interactions

I’m doing a battle royal game right now (The Hunger Games). I swear if you copy…

the cartesian coordinate system you learned in 6th grade in gimkit using zones

The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: :yellow_square: (Version 2.0)
Or I guess you could use the:
Improved Version of Tamian Coordinate System (SEE POST 15)
But both teach you how to use it.
Pretty advanced, but not the worst.