Weird Camera Problem. (Not fixed yet, please link topic to continue discussion.)

So if a player in my gimkit map kills the game host there camera just locks in place. I don’t really understand what the other soultion for the same problem was. Also I was testing my game with two tabs open if that caused it

It’s a bug where when you’re using spectator mode and are on two different tabs, the camera will be locked in place.

Ok thanks. Thats a weird bug isn’t it

Actually, don’t mark any post as the solution. We need to wait for it to be patched.

You cannot solve a bug by just telling the details of a bug.

Yeah, as much as I would like to have another solution by my name, @twofoursixeight is right.

Yeah, I’ve had this, too. Probably just a bug that needs to be patched.

Wait how’d you get the strawberry from Fishtopia in your map?

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I used a body report system and it would drop a strawberry when killed.

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how do they report it with the strawberry?

sorry if this is kinda off topic

There is a repeater that checks for a strawberry in every player’s inventory and when a player has a strawberry it removes it and teleports everyone to the meeting

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Oh, that’s cool! I’ve never tried that before.

For me its actually the opposite, my checker checks if a player gained a strawberry than it tps everyone to a meeting. I have some other devices that make you drop the item on death

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How do you make them drop it on death?
Do you use tagging or knocking out?

Sorry guys if this is getting kind of off-topic

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Personally i use this for killing :Here

and for the dead body I use:here

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Ok, I will do that!
I already have the killing system. It’s the same system

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Cool beans! Happy Gimkitting!

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You too!


Magenta_Dragon, please mark a solution!

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But twofoursixeight said don’t because it has to be patched

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It needs a solution because otherwise it will cause clutter.

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