Ways you can decorate sentries. (element themed.)

cred to the original guide:

hello there! in this guide, i shall show you ways you can decorate sentries to make them element-themed. (ex: air, fire, water, etc.)
i know there are already multiple guides on this.

(istg if i see one kid get mad in the replies.)

shall we get started?


Our first sentry will be nature-decorated, you can start by putting a green coral behind the sentry.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.26.28 AM

now, using alien plants, add these (vines? idk what they are tbh.) on the sides of the sentry. tint them green if you’d like.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.26.06 AM

Next give him a (crown?) using coral
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.25.57 AM

Last, to top him off give him some flowers :]
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.22.54 AM


The fire sentry I designed is prolly my favorite.
For starters, put a fire emoji behind the sentry.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.46.04 AM

Next give him horns using leaves. Tint them red
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.45.55 AM

Put tinted red coral behind him.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.45.48 AM

Lastly, put some coral on the sides of him.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 10.45.29 AM


To start your water themed sentry, add some blue tinted coral behind him
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.11.11 PM

Now, using alien plants, and (vines?) coming out from the sides of him.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.11.01 PM

Give him a crown using coral
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.10.55 PM

Lastly, if you use blue-tinted metal poles you can give him (arms?) coming out from the sides of him.
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.10.43 PM


You can give a sentry wings if you use a wing emoji like so
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.15.04 PM

I also gave him a crown using alien plants
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.14.50 PM

Put some coral behind him for aesthetic purposes. (the light blue kind.)
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.14.40 PM

Finally, I thought he seemed a little bland, so I used broken glass to give him some, uh, whatever those are. (they looked cool imo.)
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.14.28 PM


(cred to @Trasch for the idea.)

Now, for an electric-themed sentry, you can start by adding lightning bolts all around him like so,
Screenshot 2023-12-28 1.02.33 PM

Next, I added a crown using coral
Screenshot 2023-12-28 1.03.29 PM

Last, put some yellow tinted poles in the back
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.59.43 PM


cred to @Trasch for idea

This is by far the easiest. All you need to do is add an ice emoji on top of the sentry. Set the alpha to .60 and you’re done!
Screenshot 2023-12-28 1.51.40 PM

aaaaaand, you’re finished!
thanks for reading, i would appreciate a heart if you enjoyed my guide. if you have more element-themed ideas let me know and i’d love to add them.

have a good rest of your day/night! <3

(sorry if this guide was short, i made it in a rush.)


amazing guide @speedy_kd4.

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so your favorite is hell
anyway nice guide I might use that
I might be able to make Sephiroth


nah i just like the aesthetic dw

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Nice guide, @speedy_kd4!

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@Trasch and @speedy_kd4 please don’t cuss for you can possibly get flagged.(this is not to be rude.)

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Dude. It says Fire/hell IN the guide. . .

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how am I cursing

I mean understandable but @speedy_kd4 used it
I usually don’t use the term but I was referring to that

if i need to change it that’s fine, that was just my way of describing it.

you do have point it has a lot of fire

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oh hey you could do like lightning and stuff

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Electric? Like @Pika_Pokemon ?

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I mean if you wanted you could make pokemon type styled sentries
But I thought like ATLA style lightning

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Okay, that might work.

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oh ye that’d be cool, i can work on that now. do u want cred for the idea

no thx I already made it
Screenshot 2023-12-28 12.37.09 PM
I mean you can make it better if you want


nah all good, lemme add u. so u don’t want cred?

well I guess so
but you don’t have to
I literally just added 5 Lightning bolts to it :slight_smile:

alr, i might modify it a might tho

okay I’m fine with that

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