Very tricky block code, need help

I was trying to make this in my risk game, and well, I don’t see why it does not work. These blocks are making it choose the 42 different locations for the three players. (I would make 4 but it would have been uneven) This sorts it into, you guessed it, 14 areas per person, anyways it sorts 14 to one player and will reset, this is just for one player right now. when it receives “redo” it does it again and this is text. Anyways here is an image of it:

If you need more info just tell me. Also I will have to leave soon.

How does it not work?

A tip:
Right click on the get substring block and click "External outputs so it fits on your screen.


If you’re on Chromebook, tap and hold on the block. It’s a bit inconsistent but it works.

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It just instead of making the text what it is, it stays the original text, so I made a text that shows b then c and it just endlessly goes 1234567890 on b and 1 on c also ok @getrithekd I will edit and put external.

Sorry for some reason it did not load on my screen, that’s why it took a couple minutes to get on this.

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Wait, can you explain more on how your system works? This seems specialized.

I think it’s because it chooses a random integer each time and doesn’t remove territories from the pool after it has been assigned.

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this part:
or whole thing?

So it does not set it until the “set text get property a” basically all the other stuff is just checking that it is all not repeating itself. In a translation of the long piece it checks the length of how far apart the numbers are, and if they are different they will be a greater length then 0.

You might want to explain the properties and channels more then. This is for passing out territories, right?

the whole thing together does not do it’s purpose, but I just don’t know what is wrong. Also I will have to leave in like two seconds so I wont be able to respond, but you can keep thinking of solutions.

Also, yes this is passing out the 42 territory’s also a is text but b and c are considered numbers, that’s basically all the property’s do though.

So which properties store all the territories a player has?

their is a text that is a text right now but I will probably set another property called d, right now though the text does not set.

You might want to name your properties to be consistent with what they do, so you won’t forget when you look over it in a long time. What are the scopes of “a”, “b”, and “c”?

I will have to leave right now, but my only lead is that it counts the space as a letter for the sub-string so infinitely goes because 1 instead of 0. Also I think the scopes are player but I don’t know for sure, I think they might be default.

Can you even do that in gimkit

@Ibrahim_4414 look at this

@some_kid can you help? I’m not trying to be rude, but I have asked you to help twice now, I hope your not getting annoyed. I know your really good at blocks.