Block code... Help... please

So I got help from @teapot and they helped this code work, so it generates 28 numbers. I was changing this to make names. I made this separate code to do so. I think this would work but it says “Error running block” Here are both:
Screenshot 2024-05-20 12.22.53 PM

Screenshot 2024-05-20 12.22.27 PM

Please help, this is hard.

The link to the old post is Here.

All of the property’s for teapots are in that post. Also I modified the end of teapots so it could transfer to that.

I havn’t done this in awhile so it might be easy.

Edited now - I think I was trying to make the appended areas the same, so I made a property that links them, but it still says Error.

OH GODD… uhhh, this is harder than i thought… oh dang uhhh…

wait is the appendedareas a text property

what is this for???

yeah that was what i was thinking, but i needed to know what this is for

generating numbers. i think he should just use the generate random number block

yeah… whats wrong with a simple rng block code?? im confuddled

Sorry I had to be off for a couple minutes, ok it is explained on the other post… but this is for risk so it randomly generates the areas you get. And for the 4 players.

the appended areas variable in your code isn’t set to anything yet.

??? oh… Hey I said that I haven’t done this in awhile, I’ll try that out.

Can I have a block reader or something, I made this awhile ago and kinda forget how it works.

If you tell me exactly what you’re trying to do I should be able to simplify this for you.

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Basically the first makes random numbers and the second I’m pretty sure I was trying to make it so I could look at each number so I could set the area property’s to their owners. The second part is defining the numbers though, I think.

What is the outcome you want?

I want it so the first makes the different numbers, then the second one decodes it and finds out what the numbers are.

But what are you using it for?

Block code is so confusing, I don’t know how people manage to use it

It’s really not as hard as it looks, it just takes practice.


Yeah, I just get lost. Or confused on why it doesn’t work.

I think I’ve seen people do this so…