(URJENT) How to make different maps and make it so that you can vote for a certain map?

Hey guys, sorry to disturb you but I was thinking, is there a way to make it so that you can make multiple different maps and vote for them? Thank you!

You could use a voting system, and every outcome would teleport all the players to a separate part of the entire map. The map would have a lot of sections, each with their own game.

I mean for just my game, which is battle royale. I need it done by like today or tomorrow for a school project.

You want people to vote on a map on this forum?

Also, here’s a guide on it

Tell me by what time and timezone you want to finish the map so I know when to finish the guide

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Yeah, sort of. Thanks for understanding.

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Any like 3 or more maps

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I thought they meant in their game they vote not the forum (might be wrong)

Yeah in the game, not in the forum

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Should I make it so that I make a popup that opens and also create multiple maps?

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NVM I think it isn’t possible

Pls let me know if it is

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It is possible.
Look at this similar posts:

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What I would do is give a description on like a board, then do the poll thing, you can just add more than 2 and change the new ones to a new number, like number 3 would have 3 instead of 2 or 1

Basically, you would need multiple maps and a voting system for that. Use this guide to make the maps:

You can, the overall map is huge, so you can make many smaller maps on the main one, then in the lobby have a voting system and then it will teleport you to the most voted map.

So, you can have a voting system with the name of the map on top, then spawns a teleporter in a room that was decided by the vote

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Thank you so much everybody!

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