The Tomation's Guide on how to make an in-game poll

Polls are usefull for many things. You could use them to ask silly questions like “Would you rather eat a tomato or a potato” (I would chose tomatoes) or you could use them for help on your map. For example you could ask “Should I make a chat or make an other update in game?” So here is how to make it. Btw this is my first guide so let me know how I can improve?

Step 1: Putting all the devices and props

Place 2 buttons
Then add 2 conters and everything should look like this:

Step 2: Working on the buttons

First edit both buttons to make it so they deactivate with the same channel (I used poll voted) image:
Next, make the first button message “Option 1 (insert option here)”, the when button pressed should be poll voted so like this:
Do the same for button 2 but change “Option 1” to “Option 2”
Last step, make both the button’s scope for the player only, not global.

Step 3: Counter

Add a wire to the button and the counter bellow it and make it like this:

Do this for both of them

This should work and let me know if you need any help!

WIP SECTION (will be finished in around 3 days) and it will be about how to see who has voted

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Nice wip guide!
Even you are a member and have a 30-day editing limit, please don’t forget to finish this!
Just a friendly reminder :slight_smile:


I will soon I just have a lot of homework to do.

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I LOVE IT! I’m sure more people are gonna notice it!
(I ran out of likes to give or else I would give you a like) (I don’t regret what I spent my likes on) (@Mr.Tomato 10 likes from Beagles)


This is an amazing guide.


Thanks so much

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You could also credit some people who helped on this Guide! But this is a very useful guide for many! How do you make a poll in game?

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Nice guide so far!


If the buttons have the same settings, they will both be deactivated when one button is pressed. Also you should say to change the scope to player so the buttons don’t deactivate as soon a one person presses a button


Oh that what scope does and it is supposed to deactivate both buttons so they can’t vote for both things, thanks for ur help!

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I forgot that it was meant to close both buttons. My bad!

Nice guide!

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