Upgrade Weapon On Knockout

Does anyone know how to set a knockout manager to item granters to upgrade through the 5 tiers of gadgets? My friend did something similar on my map on my old account, but it was an upgrade button.

Let’s try it!

But do you want to cycle through every gadget?

Ok, you know what, I’m just going to tell you how to do it.

Items required:

Property x1
Counter x1
Knockout Manager x1
Item Granter x1
Trigger x1

Wire the knockout manager to the counter, so that when someone is knocked out, increment the counter by 1. Next, place down a property called something like “killed” or whatever. Make the counter change a property when incremented, and change the property “killed”. Now, place down an item granter for every single weapon in the game and its rarity.

Next, create blocks for every item granter in the game, and wire the counter to it, so that “When counter is incremented, Run wire pulse block”. Go to the settings of the item granter and create the block, “On wire pulse…”. Next, make the blocks, If Get Property kills = 1, Grant Item. This might not actually be correct because I rushed it, but here you go

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@mysz It is only for slingshot and thx so much for the help!

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I also have to make in blocks remove last item.

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But I think I know how to do that.

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found a guide

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