[UPDATED] DEVLOG: Recreating Flee The Facility in GKC


I originally attempted to do this in may, when I had little knowledge of wire and didn’t even know block coding was a thing. I wanted to recreate a game, a game me and my friends all liked, and what better than a game we all play together.

What is Flee The Facility

Flee the Facility, or FTF is a survival co-op game in which 1 player is randomly chosen to be the beast, who attempts to capture all the survivors. Survivors must hack a certain number of computers in order to unlock the exits and leave the map, all while trying to not be put into freezers by the beast and help free friends who have been captured. It’s a very interesting game, and I felt it would be a good challenge to recreate it

Where is FTF Originally From?

FTF is actually a Roblox game developed by AW Games. Just wanted to add a little context. If you want to play it, I will append the link from my Windows computer when I get home because https://roblox.com is blocked on Chromebooks.


Day 1

I began building the map voting system and the lobby.

This was the guide I made for the voting system I made:
How To Create A Voting System in Gimkit Creative

Day 2

I began to build the first map, airport. The map is not really complete.
I also created a working prototype of the computers and freezers.





Computer: How it works

With the computer, the idea is that when you press the hidden button that is on that table, it will send a wire pulse to the questioner which will only open if the player attempting to access it is not beast. Then, if the accessing player is a player, it will open the questioner UI and wait. Every time the player answers correctly, it will tick a counter until it hits 5, but if the answer is wrong, it will send a notification to all players that the computer has been errored.

Freezer: How it works

The freezer will use a lifecycle to detect a player being knocked by the beast, and then teleport them to a random freezer. They will be stuck in there until another player frees them by pressing the button. it will disable the barriers and let them through.

Day 3

I worked on creating the outdoor plane section of airport and just overall finishing it up. It’s not finished by any means, but this is what it currently looks like:

It does not have all the walls, but it is good enough so far.

Day 4

I worked on finishing the exit. Basically, it checks all the computer properties to see if they are all hacked. If not, It won’t let you escape, but if they are all done, it will open the exit. I haven’t worked on the exterior of the exit yet.

Day 5

I worked on detailing and damaging the terrain so it looks rundown and old. This is what it looks like now:



Nice guide! (Why does the beast put people into freezers??? Y’know i think its best that I dont know)


Nice Guide!
You may want to add the snowy-survival tag.
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Nice recreation guide!


Also, your real name is leaking in some of the pictures.
You may want to edit that out @M1dnight


My first name is already readily available on my other social media accounts, so I think I’m okay sharing my first name on Gimkit. Also, I think I may have shared a gamecode but it’s invalid now

Hey, pretty interesting! Nice job!

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Nice guide!

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The beast puts players in freezers as if you are the beast, you see writing saying “capure them all”. I assume you need the players frozen to take them to the “capure point”.

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