Update on the Server Error [11/17/23]

This is a temporary guide that I will have jeffo hide after this issue is fixed. But I sent and email to josh asking him to answer some questions and why the server crashed.
Screenshot 2023-11-17 11.51.13 AM
And as an update, he did not respond yet, but on Gimkit’s home page, a new header was added, it says that they are currently working on the issue and it will be fixed shortly so please bare with me and the gimkit team and just wait.
Screenshot 2023-11-17 12.06.35 PM



thank you for making this.


now people will finally understand what going on

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You may feel free to use these sites to check server status:


I don’t see that in my gimkit account. Do you know why?

Hold on, I dont see the header for the server issues on gimkit.

No x out of your tab and reopen it.

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Thank you @WolfTechnology for making this for all of us! It will hopefully help to die down the fire (of panic)


Agreed, and that is why I did it.


server are in the green so most people should be able to play gimkit

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I see this right now, it says “Warn” meaning minor issues.

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Update, @here, try your gimkit now, a post on the wix shows it may be up.

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Im in my creative it seems to be working just fine :slight_smile:

That is great. @Jeffo you can now close, unlist or both, this post is now not needed.


gimkit should still be in warn and green circle
so atleast try gkc for now also this was before u said that @Horses_Are_Awesome

Thank you very much @WolfTechnology!

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Your welcome, let me know if it crashes again.

nvm it in the yellow

that what i said also welcome to the forum check the communtiy guidelines and new-user-must-read user must read for help i hope you like the forum