Gimkit is Still Down

I have restarded my computer tried every thing yet the page loads but when i click on anything it ethier is a blank page or has a spinny wheel that just keeps spinning. Help!
When will it be back up? @WolfTechnology posted this

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Just leave it alone and

mark this as the solution.

No one knows, the message they said does not give a time.

Its starting to work yeah!

That is a releaf.

never mind but this is kind of wiierd

Yeah, it happened once before, for 2 days gimkit was down, and it was not long after they released the lore.

wait what is lore? what do you mean

great now it isn’t working at all

Last year, after christmas gimkot released lore, the story of gims, there is no name but the GKL, But it started with farm chain, the board in the lab got updated with a complex equation, aka the chemical supreme , and then Snowy survival was released, it is 100% just for the lore, you make the chemical and get introducsed to the crafter, then one way out came out, it is the conunue of snowy survival, and you have to excape the ship taht is infested. That is were it left off. But it crashed tha game with the release of snowy survival. And I beleive it will pick back up this year in january.

according to Gimkit Status. Check if Gimkit is down or having problems. | StatusGator, it is at a warn right now. I am not making a endorsement. jeff probably tripped on the server wire.

PLease mark a solution, we know that there is an error and it is being worked on.

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that website said it is back on gimkit is backon i repeat gimkit is back on!!!1

It works I checked horray

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Nice! Please mark a solution to close this topic and I will update the guide i made.

it still is lagging a bit though :worried:

It will be until they get the server fully back operational.