Universal Typing of Code

I know this isn’t related to GKC directly, but it is very useful, please understand. Ok, so over my months here on the forum, I have noticed that I, among others, do not always have the time to jump on GKC and put together all of the blocks. So often people will use this:

If guide is good then
do give a like

Yeah, this works, but users are all over the board on how they represent the blocks, so sometime’s it can get confusing. Therefore, I propose the Universal Typing of Code.

Well, how do you say we type it?

Glad you asked. Some important things for getting across the block code to others needing it include the following:

  1. All of the used blocks. Can’t just assume they know what you mean?
  2. Separation of blocks. Don’t want to combine set property and random text like they are one, as it might confuse new users

Yeah, so I will show you how this works.
For blocks next to blocks (connected), use these: {*
For drop downs, use these: [drop down option]
For within blocks** use these: (block)

*-- No right one is needed, as it will just be an enter to start a new line
**-- Within blocks are blocks that are within others. Like a get property inside of an if

Now, here’s an example:
(Picture is from @Axolotl’s guide, titled “random code by axolotl”. This is used for example purposes only. Also, it was convenient.)
Screenshot 2023-05-31 10.43.58 PM
This now becomes:

set [pick random] to { random integer from (1) to (2)
if { (pick random) [=] (1)
do { Broadcast Message On Channel { energy bar

Well, that’s it. Don’t worry about the colour, no body can help that. I hope you all find this good. Polls: (Please be honest, not goofy)

How useful is this?
  • Terrible, block code shouldn’t exist
  • Okay, but people wouldn’t need this
  • Good, but only for people who talk about and use block code often
  • Awesome! Glad you made such an effective system for blocks communication!
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Should we keep it?
  • No, this is outrageous!
  • It’s good, but I think some tweaking could be used
  • Perfect! I look forward to using this as I show others useful block code!
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Anyways, I’m Here_to_Help, and Happy Gimkitting!


Nice guide! I’m not the best at block code, but this is a good guide!
If I had likes, I would :heart: like this post, but I’m out of love!
In the meantime, I give you the…

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You said it could use some tweaking. How so? Help me improve please.

Oops…sorry—I honestly don’t know what that means…
let me change the vote— :thinking:

Is this a trend now
Well I give you the
:star: cello approval :star: :violin:


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Wait, you don’t know what tweaking means? It means changing some details, usually to improve something. Also, let’s stay on topic.


Yeah, thanks. I’m about to leave anyway…
and yes, back on topic.

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I don’t like this idea- I think if it comes down to programmer to programmer communication, the unstandarized pseudocode is good enough.

This is biased by the fact that I’m incredibly lazy and don’t want to have to learn a bunch of standards though.


When it comes to me writing block code, I just go

Set property “cats” to get property “dogs” + 1
Is that not clear enough?


I mean, not really. This is mainly so that new users know exactly what to put. For example, there is no “to” block. And they might get confused on what to put in the “value” section of that. And honestly, I don’t want to have to do this either. But it would benefit the community. Also, this is just a proposal, not anything really official or not. So if you don’t like it, I guess you don’t have to use it. But not my problem if they have no idea what you’re talking about. And one more thing: I think we are all very lazy. That’s why we don’t post the picture of the actual blocks in the first place, right?


If we’re worrying about new users knowing what to put, it’s easier to just get a screenshot of the actual blocks.

Agreed lol.
Not to mention for people who have issues understanding blockcode already on the forum, this would make it so much harder for them… The cases where this could be useful lies between 2 people who already understand coding well. I’m also gonna mention that if you must use a universal code format, at least format it in a pre-existing language, so people can get used to something they might use later…

Yes, but again, that takes time, and it is just easier if we just type the code. I thought you were lazy? Plus, this isn’t meant for the people who are so awesome that they post the picture of the actual code. Also, for programmer to programmer, you don’t have to use this system. I perfectly understood what you meant. Listen, this is just a suggestion, and if the community doesn’t like it, we can scrap it.

Of course- I was just addressing the point about standardizing for new users, since if the goal is to make it easy for new users to understand the best choice is for direct screenshots.

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That’s fair. Personally, I use screenshots when talking to newer people, and when talking to someone like blackhole I use psuedocode.

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I mean, the thing is that new users can probably understand this, as the whole point is that it looks like the blocks themselves, in a way. The drop down is a square (ish). The blocks are seperated by a squwiggly line. And blocks within blocks are seperate. And with enters and all of the correct words, this should be easy. Which is why I created it.

I have an idea actually, we should make a video about using block code and explaining some mid to advanced mechanics (up to dynamic functions such as text displays through strings), and direct newer users to it.

Yeah, but people have tried that before. The thing is, most new users want an answer, and aren’t here to learn about the technicalities of GKC. So, most of them won’t listen, making this useless. Also, not all new users need blocks. Some of the most influential people in the history of the forum are more physical, and less technical. So while I would love for that to work, it probably won’t.

oh yeah I also think its actually easier to do a screenshot than format writing in any way since I near always have a spare creative tab open

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