Undertale boss map and original attack ideas

I’m making a boss fight, but with a twist.

(Explained by the guide I made:
Full guide on Undertale bosses and extras!)

I made four attacks,
Grid (Laser grid, 50 damage)
Beam (Huge beam coming from boss, 1000000 damage)
{unamed} (Two giant beams coming from boss, 1000000 damage)
Diagonal (Beams creating an X on the arena, 1000000 damage)

There is also a warning system. (Barriers tinted red with no collison to mark where the lasers strike.)

I want to add more, and get more attack ideas, my map is a bit bland, map:

You can’t hurt the boss in the arena, the boss hurts you.
Your turn:

This is where YOU fight. (Turn based game)

Eat, heal, do anything in this 3x3x3x3 square!



Screenshot 2024-03-14 5.38.45 PM
Try it.

Okay, that seems very hard, I tried making lasers go in a circle, it took a lot of bug fixing.

Enters Undertale just to get an image

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How about the blue bone in the Papyrus fight? That does no damage?

How would I detect you standing still though?

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Lasers won’t hurt you if you don’t move (: (unless they fixed that). Also make the boss move left to right!

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holy moly, are you accaully goign to do this, there are going to be like 500 lasers here!

If they activate on you they will hurt you.

@gimmaster12345 i have a idea for you, instead of making a lazer for every attack, you should re use lasers

Kinda too late for that now…

Screenshot 2024-03-14 5.50.10 PM
The possibilitys are endless.

Most of the attack problems is that they are too complicated.

I cannot help you there pal. |:

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what if the boss spawns weaker minions around it that attack you

okay, so make a grid with lasers, then make a circle with lasers, and then you should be able to recreate all the attacks right?

I don’t like normal fights, that’s why I made a boss with fake health.

WAIT! his idea is geinuse!
instead of lasers, we have evil eye shots!
wait that might not work

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You could make the lyrics for bring me to life floating around.


Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
Can’t wake up
(Wake me up inside)

One problem: My greatest pet peeve: laser limit of 100