Uhm is there a way i can do this with less memory?

So im made this not very good with wireing anyways i feel like theres a way to do this better than making 7 vending machines try to go ‘if purchase fails’ — ‘try purchase’
i ask because im making mission one and i got 78% memory and i got 2 more missions to make


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1 Question: What is this for?

Like, what feature?

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hold up its gonna take a bit to explain my game is long
ill report back in like 10 -5 min

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What in the memory crisis is going on here.

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so first you go threw these things its items to collect and craft a p.m.l
first step

second you gotta kiIl these three things and get weapons which swap for what ever weapon you choose from the p.m.l

then once yu escape theres a hole bunch of other junk anyways you get to the part i tried explaining and im making it so any weapon you choosed from the second picture swaps to all the other weapons collecting your p.m.l or what ever you chose at the start and giving you a new weapon

its very complicating lol

I don’t think you can do anything except use channels instead of wires. don’t trust me though, I’m not really good at conserving memory too, considering my game is at 99%

ok i just need to know how to use the channels and im also trash with channels

Well, what are your wires doing?

this may help

Crafting table maybe?

are crafting table less memory than vending machine?

Much less.

Will this guild help?

ok than i may use channels or use crafting tables but i think crafting tables are the way to go im more familiar with wires

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Here is a list of the devices and their memory:

yeah i mean i can use this to help me with wireing also ty!


Well, I mean not less memory at first, but it’s much more efficient cause you can have wayyy less crafting tables then vending machines.

true alr everybody thanks for the help!!!

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