Triggers and properties hurt my brain

Basically, I wanna set my variable to a randomized integer. A integer is a whole number, negative, positive, and 0.

So, I made it so that if B=1, it using the logic thing, and if B=1 cause I changed it, it broadcast a certain message.

I mean… some the blocks are pretty self explanatory, but for those that aren’t, just ask someone haha


Basically the if do block, checks, if this is whatever, then do that. That’s one of them.

I’ll test this out and see if it helps (ill mark a solution if i figure it out)


I still don’t understand

I hope this helps, as these are three tugs on devices

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So properties are basically data: you can store information in them, change information, and extract their information using blocks.

Triggers do something when you step on them. They also have the added benefit of being able to access blocks.

As for blocks, blocks are a way to do things devices can’t normally do; math, joining text, broadcasting on activity feed, changing properties, etc. They’re pretty straightforward, so if you have any questions just ask.

(Note: Do not confuse properties with variables, variables in gimkit only store data for the current block.)


But properties are variables!! The definition of a variable is an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change. That’s a property.


So as long you keep the property there, that variable remains FOREVER until you grab or delete the property.

I mean, if you were to use variables in places other than gimkit, it does behave like a property. But in gimkit, variables can only store data within one block.

Well, that’s true.
Wait. Remind me. Is there a such thing as a variable completely separate from properties in Gimkit?

Yep, in blocks

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Well that makes a lot more sense.
I cease and rest my case. I guess there wasn’t really an argument in the first place but whatever lol

@CaptionPuffy What do you not understand? (Not in a mean way, but just wondering)

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Blocks I understand triggers and properties but blocks are confusing to me

you need help with the blocks?

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@Foxy It’s the one thing I can’t understand…

the main function is to detect something like a property of a variable equals something and then rely on a specific channel depending on what happens

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You can use a checker for that now!

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block code can compare things to other things besides a number and you just reset this closing by 2 hours


Sorry, I got pinged. If you just want compare properties though, just use a checker!


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